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“Yokohama City is home to many companies with high technological capabilities, including 6,000 manufacturing industries and 3,000 IT companies. Yokohama’s comfortable business environment, abundant talent, and excellent access from both home and abroad has attracted a concentration of head offices and R & D bases of global companies. In recent years, we have been actively promoting the development of the city’s economy, industry and startup ecosystem with an emphasis on sustainability (SDGs) and open innovation between industry, academia and government.”

-Takeharu Yamanaka, Mayor of Yokohama

This page is supported through a partnership between StartupBlink and the Office of the City of Yokohama Representative to the Americas.

The mission of the Office of the City of Yokohama Representative to the Americas is to contribute to the prosperity of the regional and global economy by promoting the mutual development of North American and Yokohama businesses. Our mission is based on Yokohama’s long-held value for economic development: “Growing Together with the World,” which the City has prided itself upon ever since it opened its doors as the first international port in Japan in 1859. We firmly believe that promoting business opportunities for both North American and Yokohama businesses will lead to the creation of jobs and stimulate local economies in both regions, which will in turn contribute to global economic development starting from Yokohama.

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